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My Story on SheTeachesFearlessly.com


My Story on SheTeachesFearlessly.com I was asked recently to write about my journey around the world, specifically about how my journey changed from a travel-based trip to one focused on drawing nearer to God. "By the time I reached the main island, Tahiti, my bags and supply of antibiotics, I was nearly to the point of needing to be hospitalized. I could barely walk and yet I would shortly need to take my bags and schlep them through airports, walk miles through international airport terminals, pass through customs in not one, not two, not three, but four different countries and at any point any of those countries could turn me away for being ill. And I LOOKED ill: pale, sweaty, weak, dark circles under my eyes. If I’d been working at border control I would have turned me away for fear of an epidemic. I began to pray and didn’t stop..." To read the whole story visit www.sheteachesfearlessly.com … continue reading

A Night in the Okavango Delta


A Night in the Okavango Delta I was on a seven-day camping trip in Africa. A lot of it was actually spent on this truck/bus/hybrid thing/horrifyingly bumpy + uncomfortable torture contraption: (Remind me next time to opt for the Range Rover with tent attachment on top.) Don't get me wrong, I was on a fun road trip with … continue reading

Strange Dreams in Botswana and Prayer


Strange Dreams in Botswana and Prayer Brightly colored feathers in oranges, reds and vivid yellows framed the menacing, dark-skinned face. His eyes seemed hollow recesses designed to devour the soul at a glance. His lips moved, chanting words I could not hear with intensity. Sometimes he spoke, sometimes his mouth opened as to … continue reading

Last-Minute Tour Prep in Africa


Last-Minute Tour Prep in Africa Some people prep for trips for months, even years in advance. I certainly did for this journey - at least for most of it. Until I hit Africa. Africa ushered in a new phase in my traveling: that of not having the appropriate gear and clothing for the region. Aside from the required immunizations and … continue reading

There are Penguins in Africa


There are Penguins in Africa No, I'm not putting you on. There are indeed Penguins in Africa. On the southernmost tip of the South African Cape, at the end of the railway line (Simons Town) is a place called Boulders Beach. The African Penguin was introduced to the area in the 1980's, with two breeding pairs to start the protected … continue reading

Well Hello Again!


It's been a crazy six weeks or so! The site has been completely down, thanks to hackers, but everything seems to be (finally) back on track, aside from around a million broken photo links in older blog posts and some missing buttons. It should all be resolved soon. Meanwhile, I've got loads to update y'all on - the first thing is … continue reading