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Muizenberg’s Scrappers


Amidst the painted beach changing houses, trendy restaurants and cute historic homes of Muizenberg one could easily forget that one is in Africa. But every so often you'll run into a rather bleak reminder that TIA, This is Africa, after all. Like random, huge potholes in the sidewalk, or missing signs, or homeless people actually living, very openly, under bridges in communal groups. One such bridge, just a block off the main strip, is a train bridge with a very low clearance - suitable really for only cars to pass underneath. But as my home hosts related, an entire economy is based on the fact that large work trucks frequently ignore the large sign on the bridge that states the low clearance and give it a go anyhow. "Sometimes once or twice per week we'll hear a large crash and grinding noise and know that another truck's gone and hit the bridge. They often take the whole top off the rig. Sometimes all of their produce or goods all spill out. That's when the shopping cart scrappers and bums show up. They just wait around for it to happen. They scavenge everything they can. Goods, auto parts and scrap metal. They make good money from the scrap metal. One time it happened really late at night and the shopping cart people were pounding on the scraps to make them portable sizes. It was really loud. I had to go out and ask them to stop until morning. They waited until 5am and then it started up again." … continue reading

Muizenburg, South Africa


Muizenburg, South Africa Just fourty-five minutes south of Cape Town by train is a quaint, sleepy little surf town called Muizenburg (Mooz-en-burg). Wanting an easy introduction to Africa and a bit of rest after two days of flying, I chose this picturesque spot for my first week in the southern-most portion of the African … continue reading

Winging My Way to South Africa


Winging My Way to South Africa I spent five gorgeous days in Barcelona soaking up the culture, the sunshine and the mellow, artsy vibe of the place. At one point I thought I'd stay another week, but when my housing plans fell through I had to make a quick change of plans - really quick. It was Sunday afternoon and I needed to leave … continue reading

Barcelona – Gaudi Photo Tour


Barcelona - Gaudi Photo Tour Although Gaudi's architectural masterpieces are relative newcomers to Barcelona (the houses date from the 1800's and the Sagrada Familia still isn't finished. "Just thirty more years...") they are one of the main attractions in the city, aside from, you know, the incredible Spanish heritage and churros. … continue reading

Granada: Albaicin and The Alhambra


Granada: Albaicin and The Alhambra In the south of Spain, perched high amidst a town built between mountain peaks lies a quaint Spanish town home to sprawling castle that is the jewel in the crown of Spanish-Moorish influenced architecture. The Alhambra. Granada, in and of itself, is a complete jewel of a city. It sprawls over … continue reading

Seville: Flamenco


Seville: Flamenco There are a few things you must do during a visit to Seville: Visit the Cathedral (where Christopher Columbus is buried). See La Giralda and perhaps climb to the top. Tour the Alcazar royal residence. And finally, you must see a live Flamenco performance. There are many, many places in the city that offer … continue reading