Cataract Falls

Originally Posted 1/26/09

This Saturday I went on a great hike to see Cataract Falls, a series of nine waterfalls.
My friend Kim came along for the adventure. We were supposed to meet a group of YSAs from the Sacramento/Vacaville area there, but they were a no-show (rain the forecast, but come on people! It’s only rain! And you’re hiking to see waterfalls! You’re bound to get wet one way or another) It was fun in any case. And on our way down, we actually did run into a group of YSAs – but from Palo Alto (Stanford – opposite direction). Crazy small world, eh?
We drove about an hour out to Alpine Lake in Marin county (think Muir Woods, giant redwoods and crazy fizzy-haired, flowy-clothed rich hippies) only to find that the road had been closed a few feet before our trailhead – closed to all cars, humans and bikes!

(This area of California is known as the road-biking spot the world over!) Sign-shmighn. Who needs rules? Not us. (That’s Kim in the distance)

Anyhow, here’s what the rest of the day looked like:
(Not bad!)


Benicia State Park

Originally Posted 1/6/09

Here’s the photojournalistic report on the last biking adventure to BSP: