And Voila!

The travel agent who booked my now canceled Geckos tour provided me with some options for replacing the time-sensitive portion of my vacation. Amazingly enough, one of the tours she suggested worked out perfectly!

It’s through a different, but similar company called Intrepid Travel. I’m excited to give this a spin.

This is the schedule, pronounced (Sheh-dule).

Jordan and Egypt Unplugged


Day 1 Amman

Arrive early to soak up history among the ruins of Jerash, or head to the impressive citadel for views over the city.

Days 2-3 Petra

Enjoy a bouyant dip in the salty Dead Sea before exploring the spectacular, ancient city of Petra.

Day 4 Wadi Rum

Spend a memorable night sleeping Bedouin-style in rustic goat-hair tents – or under a twinkling canopy of stars.

Days 5-6 Red Sea Beach Camp

Settle in beside the glistening Red Sea. Snorkel through beautiful reefs, kick back on golden sands or join new Bedouin friends for a fresh seafood feast.

Day 7 Mt Sinai

Hike, or take a camel to the summit of Mt Sinai. This is where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments and the views are spectacular.

Days 8-9 Cairo

With its crowded souqs, treasure-filled museums and nearby pyramids, Cairo provides the perfect end to this adventure.

It’s one day shorter than the tour I’d booked through Geckos, which breaks down to me having an extra, unstructured day in Cairo. Not a problem. I think I can manage to fill that day up with Pyramids and Camels and the Sphinx maybe? Or perhaps a trip down to Abu Simbel? Hmmm…

Best of all, I don’t have to make any changes to any of my flights or hotels. Can’t beat it!

Was that serendipitous or what?