Faraway Fantasy Friday: Guess?

It’s not foreign.

It’s not exotic.

It’s not even out of state.

It’s contrived.

It’s controlled.

It’s corporate.

It’s clean.

There are a million tunnels underneath it!

It’s full of humans in costumes.

I want to go to Disneyland. I want to go to Disneyland for the Halloween festivities.

Which is very strange and altogether very unlike me. You remember I don’t like crowds and lines.

Did you know that the first time my parents took me to Disneyland as a toddler it freaked me out so badly that I wouldn’t stop crying? So my parents packed me back into the car and simply drove home (8 hours north).

But still, this nagging desire to go to Disneyland persists.

I will brave the lines! I will put up with the crowds of pesky people! I will ride Pirates of the Caribbean at least a dozen times. And Space Mountain. And buy over-priced churros and maybe even a sweat shirt! UGH.

I think it’s due to the stupid TV commercials for Disneyland at Halloween. They popped onto my television screen and like a crack-whore I was hooked. I thought subliminal messaging was illegal?

What the??


Yes, today I want to go to Disneyland.

Did you hear the joke about the two Blondes driving to Disneyland?

Well, they’d driven all day and finally reached Southern California. They saw a sign that said “Disneyland Left.”

So they turned around and went home.

Bahahahahahahaha! Get it?

Random, I know. Much like my crazy random desire to head to the Land of D.

Photo from chipandco.com

Where do you want to be today?


  1. says

    “…like a crack-whore” -That “crack”ed me up!! ha ha. We really want to take Liam and Jonas to Disneyland when we get back to the US. They’ll be 4 and 6 so I think pretty perfect ages…but then there is Adele. I’m not paying the money to get into the park and then carrying around an infant all day long – I want to ride all of the rides too!! Maybe we can talk a grandparent into coming along to carry an infant around! :)
    As for today, I wish I was at the beach. We are only going to be in Australia for another 7 weeks and I don’t think we’ll make it back to the beach one last time. I can’t believe we didn’t plan better than this but the time snuck up on us so fast! I’m hoping we can take a day off at some point and get away.