Fun Fact Friday (Quiz) #2

Today is once again, dun-dun-dun (drumroll please) Fun Fact Friday!!! Yay!

Here are your clues:

-The most popular sports in this nation are Sailing and Golf.
-There is a waiting list of between 8 and 12 years to get into Golf clubs in this country, so parents sign up their children at birth.
-In the winter, this country sees 3 hours (!!!) of sunlight in the daytime.
-University Education (tuition) is free here. So if you’re looking for a University, pack up your bags and head to _____.
-There are over 250,000 islands in the archipelago of this nation.
-It’s Capitol is the home of my favorite museum ever. The museum houses a very old Ship.

Name that Country! Ready? Go!

Your Visual Clue: