On Being Specific (About My Rug)

I usually get to hang out with my utterly awesome nephew at least once a week. He’s so cool. Q dude just had his second birthday and he is a tall little stringbean. His coordination has kicked in and he’s tying words together and answering questions with multiple words. (there’s also a lot of gibberish still being used)

Well q-tip is getting his two-year molars and teething has always given the kid wicked diaper rash and a snotty nose that doesn’t stop. While his ‘rents and I were hanging out at my place they changed his diaper and found *surprise* a mean red rash.

My sis decided to let him air dry a bit. I told her it was cool as long as he didn’t poo somewhere in my house. (He may have a reputation for this…)

Well, Q got the memo.
He sat down on my big thick shag area rug and began to play with his cars. A couple minutes later I hear his dad say “Oh no!”

Yah, Q whizzed on my area rug.

Serves me right for not being more specific.

Watching “Woof Woof Rawr” (Up)


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    Ha ha!! Yeah they do that. Sebastian has never really had bad diaper rash until his bottom 2 teeth came in. BAM! I’d never seen anything so bad before! His skin actually split open it was such a bad rash. I felt so bad for him. He went probably 2 days without wearing a diaper hardly. There were a few accidents.