Bodrum: Myndus Gate

Not too far away from the Mausoleum in Bodrum (one of the seven ancient wonders of the world) is another historical site called the Myndus Gate. It was anciently one of two portals into the walled city of Halicarnassus. Halicarnassus was an important seaport in the days of ancient Greece Persia and Rome.

Nowadays, there isn’t much left of the Myndus Gate, but it has been somewhat reconstructed and the site has been preserved. You can stand on what is left of the turrets and look out at the surrounding hills to the East, and the sea to the West. Imagine standing in place during the time of the Greeks and at the time of Alexander the Great…

Mydus/Myndos = Potato/Potahto ?

 View from the gate looking out of the city.
View from the gate looking down on the city/toward the sea. 
(Yes, that’s a medieval castle/fortress in the foreground.)
True Story.

 Outside the city gate: An amphitheater.

All in all, a great step back into history and well worth the hot, sweaty walk.

NB: Bodrum might be somewhat breezy and temperate near the sea, but climb up it’s amphitheater-like streets, into the hills, and the temperature rises exponentially! TAKE LOADS OF WATER, and slather on the sunscreen.

One gratuitous photo and story, just because:

I ran into these guys just before reaching the Mynus gate, they stopped their truck in an intersection (not busy) and asked the normal “Where are you from” that I’d grown accustomed to in the Middle Eastern Clime.

“California” replied I.

Instead of the expected “You are welcome” response, I heard this:

“I love you.”

And got a goofy grin from the guys in the truck. Which I promptly took a photo of. Wouldn’t you?