Les Jardin: 2012 Edition

I began this year’s garden a few months ago – sometime back in early February, actually. Every year I plant a summer garden and every year, at the end of the summer, I think: I’m not going to do this again next year. (I love the gardening, hate the deer and rodents that eat all of my hard work!) And inevitably each spring, I get the mad itch, the gleam in my soul that demands I go down to the local nursery and buy veggies, flowers and the like and plant them in the ground.

For the last two years I’ve planted three varieties of tomatoes, two plants each, so six plants total. Last year I probably got all of two tomatoes when all was said and done (blasted raccoons!!) and so this year I was determined to plant a LOT of tomato plants.

Today I transplanted eight of my little home-grown seedlings to the garden proper, along with four store-bought heirloom plants. So now the garden is complete and just needs time and sunshine (and water too) to grow.

I really can’t wait for those tomatoes! Yum!

Sprouts in February:

To the Garden in April (iphone pictures):

 Backyard garden: Left, bottom tier – Zucchini, Squash (there are also strawberry plants further to the left) then my eight home-grown heirloom tomato plants (they’re just wee green things right now). Upper tier: Two each, two more heirloom varieties.

Front porch garden: Hydrangea, Dahlia basil, white cucumbers, and one tomato plant.