#FriFotos // Holy Places

I recently joined twitter. (Follow me: @deprturediaries – Yes, I know I’m very late to the world of tweeting — I resisted for a LONG time) There are a couple of features on Twitter that I like very much, one of them being #frifotos. Every Friday a new theme is issued and people around the world post their favorite photos having to do with that theme.

Today’s #frifotos theme is Holy Places. Here is my curated collection of my favorite shots of Holy Places, all from my travels. Enjoy!

 The monastery on Amorogos, Greece.

 Medieval chapel at Antimachia Castle on Kos, Greece.
 The Blue Mosque. Istanbul, Turkey.

 Remove thy shoes from off thy feet… Mosque. Amman, Jordan.

 Cathedral in Edinborough, Scotland, UK.

 Greek Church. Kalymnos, Greece.

 Ruins of an ancient Greek temple. Now used by sun-worshippers. Kos, Greece.

 Candles and Prayer Knots at the “home of Mary” near Ephesus, Turkey.

 The ancient Romans built this holy place dedicated to all gods. The Pantheon, Rome, Italy.

Holy to the Ancient Greeks. The Parthenon, Athens, Greece.

 The Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Salt Lake City, Utah.

 I can’t decide which seems holier… the Caldera or the Church.
Blue-roofed chapel in Oia. Santorini, Greece.

 Church on top of “Mt. Sinai” Egypt.
 Inside St. Peter’s Church. Vatican City. Italy.
 This is my favorite image of the collection. 
Any place can be holy. Man praying in his shop. Ancient Petra, Jordan.